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Adams Design is an expert on living space and interior design.  We see it as a natural extension of our building design work. By integrating the hard design of the building with the soft design of the interior we accomplish a harmonious balance between the two.  Our aim is that everything you touch, see and interact with, should be high quality and beautiful.  We work with a maxim handed down through our family; that everything in a living space must be 'Beautiful' or 'Useful'.  If not it's not included in the design.





Badger Davis


Hi there,  I’m Badger Davis and I have over 10 years experience designing and building beautiful interiors using high quality products from around Europe.  My particular interest is modern design, influenced by 9 years living in Germany. I also love using lighting and working with natural products like stone and wood. My wide design repertoire is influenced by ‘Quirky’ English, Classic French and Modern German design. 


I work with an excellent and experienced 'resource team' who I can call on to help me with particular design genres. Working closely with Nick, I will incorporate your design needs into the 'hard design' of the building and work with you to bring your 'soft design' ideas to life. We use mood boards and increasingly Instagram and Pinterest to facilitate a fluid and real time exchange of client/design team ideas. 

Num Portable:    06 78 05 48 90

Bureau:               05 17 18 18 36

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