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Our Ethos

Architecture is about people. I firmly believe it is my job to listen, observe and then start to piece together a clear brief with the client. I not only anticipate the next question but explain which question a client should ask.


I prefer to keep the process uncluttered and honest. The use of materials should be based on intrinsic structural and durabale qualities as well as architectural correctness. Good design is timeless. The modern movement in Europe has heavily influenced my attitude to the use of form and space, but I have also been involved in transforming many old buildings. Juxtaposing the two has become a speciality, but at heart I enjoy a new build.


As a bi-cultural architect I need to not only explain the system in more detail, but anticipate concerns, desires and practicalities not always obvious to one cluture. I always act in the best interest of my client.





Renewable Energy is of vital interest to me and my approach uses the brief to determine a best solution regarding comfort, initial investment and pay back. It is a very complicated subject but the solution is usually simple!


I strive to make money go further based on experience, a clear understanding of costs and lateral thought. For all of my projects I have carried out all aspects of the work and so I have first hand experience of the building process.

From the age of 14, I worked in my father's architectural practice during holidays, so architecture runs in my blood so to speak! I took a BA Hons degree at The Oxford School of Architecture, working on building sites in holidays to pay my way.  After finishing my degree, I gained work experience in UK’S largest commercial practice, Broadway Malyan, qualifying with a Diplôme of Architecture Central London.  My first practice was with First Architecture PLC, at their Leeds office and at 26 I became a fully qualified British Architect. During this time I was appointed senior architect at First Architect PLC.


I then started my own practice in York, and was approached by First Architecture PLC to set up and run thier Prague office; working on a Baroque Palace as principale role. I gained an award from conservationists for this outstanding project and a shop renovation for Mappin and Webb/Asprey’s in central Prague. I  also won a competition to transform a 14th Century building into a modern care home which was opened by Prince Charles in 2000. During this time I became an Associate Director of ASP in Newcastle.


In 2002 I set up my own architectural practice and developed several buildings for residential, commercial and retail use.  I have completed 9 personal projects and over 150 projects for clients in France over the last 15 years.  I have obtained more than 500 building permits during the same period.  During trips to the UK I am also often based in Oxford or York if you need to speak with me there.

We are a collaboration of architects, interior designers and specialists based in the Poitou Charente. The main office is in Niort but we work as a team linking up with local project managers all over France. Our local advisors include: ATES for structural and ground condition studies, BCD for metal work, various stone masons with experience of granite and stone rehabilitation, specialized joiners, mainly working in oak, architectural salvage, lime render specialists, underpinning specialists, renewable energy experts.


We now have over 15 years of local experience working as a team, concentrating on bespoke small and medium size projects (from 20€K up to 1Million Euros). We work closely with teams of artisans who can respond without significant delay, and we are happy to take on projects anywhere, including Bordeaux, Paris, Dordogne, Toulouse. Our clientel is international, mainly English speaking but also French and Italian. Current clients are from UK, Singapore, Dubai, Honk Kong, Belgium, Northern Italy, SanFransico, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Australia, and Dublin.




About the Studio

Nick Adams


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